Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photos that were promised.....

Hi again everyone,
    Here are some of the photos of the pieces I made at the Bead and Button show....starting with the beginning of the week...we have the glass casting with Susan and Shari (or is it Cheri?) Kazmer.....the pink heart petite four was done by caring our design into/out of a plaster mold and then learning how to break a billet of glass to fit. These were then all fired and while they were being fired, we made a shape out of polymer or earth clay and then poured our plaster over it and when it hardened, we removed the shape and filled the plaster mold with glass powder and frit. While everything was being fired, we worked on our metal backings for our cast billets. That was a fun two day class.....then I got to take another one day class with the girls...torch firing  on copper. I did some pink flowers and some wrapped wires covered with liquid enamel.  Tooo Much Fun!  There were a couple of women who didn't understanding the concept of sharing and keep the enamel areas clean but a few words and they still didn't get it.....oh, well...what are you going to do?? I have decided that I am going to have to get myself a torch and tank....anyway, hope you like this set of photos....I will post the rest later on.....Kelly

PS...of course, with my great computer skills, I posted the photos backwards.....just flip them around as you read the descriptions.....K


  1. Your class project results are amazing! I love the enameled flowers. I love to torch fire - it is fun handling that big torch.

    I can't wait to see what you do with all your new knowledge. Seriously can't wait! So hurry up, will ya! ; )

  2. The flowers and rings are incredible, Kelly! You definitely have to get that torch!!!!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I had a really good different from being a vendor!