Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi everyone,
Here we are again...wondering what is happening! Well, my latest ring also had a mind of its own and decided what it wanted to be and nothing I could say would change its mind...maybe it was my muse and not the ring, hmmmm......anyway, I was still looking for that etched metal sheet I told you about last week and still haven't been able to find it, but have found alot of fun things to play with in the future! So, I had to come up with a idea that would translate into a cool ring!
I have been playing with some epoxy ideas....coated some rose petals to stack, made some cones that didn't work, made some that did....I had gotten so excited about the way they looked while I was making them, that they tended to grow bigger! At first the cones were only about 1/2 of a inch tall and then I started to make the molds longer and longer!!! I then had fun with all the different things I could add into the epoxy after pouring it into the molds! I think my favorite is the flake glitter! Thank you, Martha Stewart! I chose the green for this project but I have all sorts of other colored cones waiting in the wings! So, after waiting two days for all these epoxy experiments to cure (one batch didn't make it) I had some do-dads to play with!
I had thought to use a smaller cone and turn it upside down and then drill out a cone shaped hole so I could chemically set a large CZ into the epoxy, but since in my excitement, I made the cones so large, I didn't have any stones that would fit (need to get those big stones from Barbara Becker Simon!! Well, maybe not that big!!!) Anyway, I had to come up with another way to show off the epoxy cone. It was my son, Morgan, who finally saved the day! He laid the cone down flat on his finger and said I should make a girlie ray-gun for making slow drivers get out of my way! I am sure you will all want one!! Making the blowing up sound not included!!
So, I got out some sheet metal and made the band with overlapping ends to hold the entire kit and kaboddle. I then scrounged up some metal clay discs that I had made last year and used them as a way to add some metal accents but still show off the cone. I bent the discs to fit the cone and then drilled the hole in the cone for the rivet. Everything is held together by the one rivet.....I drilled the hole smaller than my wire and then filed the wire to fit to make sure it was nice and tight. Getting a really long rivet into a smaller circular band is a pain but it worked out in the end. I decided to add the end accent at the last minute and am glad I just finished everything off and holds the whole design together. For the end piece, I just drilled a small hole in the cone and doubled over a head pin and after placing a teeny bit of glue in the hole, I placed the disc on the end and stuck in the doubled head pin which then sprung on a little bit to hold everything securely in place. Done! And comfortable to wear!! I love that the whole ring is held together with one cool is that? Anyway, I hope you like it....I am going down to the studio to play with my other cones and epoxied bits...have fun in your studios...Kelly


  1. Right on Morgan! I want one in Magenta!!! But only if the sound effects come with it ;)

    I am happy to see that these challenges have you making stuff and blogging about it weekly! Very cool…

    I came across a clay piece you made for me with the gargoyle man head (the same one that I have in metal clay - my driving guardian) and I really want to try out some glaze tests on him. Unfortunately with only one, tests won't be all that great. Can we figure out how I can get more from you so maybe we can work on some other stuff together once I see how some glazes work out (I am finally getting back into a groove of sorts)...

  2. Sure, girlie...make me up a new batch of the paper porcelain and I can come up and we can mold up some pieces....I have been waiting to make some more see if I can coat some with the epoxy...experiments!!! And I like that you are experimenting with the zentangles and some new texture sheets....Hope everything is well with you and the family! Later, K

  3. Sweet! I can't wait!!! A play day with you is long overdue… (and then some!) It only took me how many years to get you that moose?

  4. Just let me know...your schedule is more full than mine...although Feb is looking pretty full with two weekend trips!! and the moose made it to the tree....Morgan thought it was pretty funny!! Love you, k

  5. Dear Kelly,
    I love your blog. Please don't use your mini ray gun on me.

    Love always,