Friday, February 4, 2011

Here we are again....

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all keeping warm and having fun in your studios! I have....and now you can see what I have been doing....
I am still playing with these epoxy cones...this time I decided to use the bottom half. I wanted to set one of those fancy rivoli stones that the bead workers are using in their latest pieces and I do love the sparkle! Major bling! So, I thought that by using the bottom, I could make a bezel that the rivoli would fit into and live up to the color of the rivoli. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men....after I had cut out the cone shaped opening, I decided to change my design...again...I had these lovely pearls from my friend, Carol Hamilton, and I decided to use one in the center of the bowl. That was when I decided to use some of the 24ft gold sheet inside the cone. I love the way it makes a halo of light around the pearl. I had planned on using just the cone for the looked so lonely by itself, so I dug around for something I might use to bump up the idea of a raised bezel. I had some small metal clay discs and I domed them and then decided to slide in a epoxy disc in between them. I think it looks like a Dr. Suess stack of plates and bowls (think green eggs and ham)....
I don't solder so I am always looking for creative ways to attach things together. I didn't want to use a wide band but in my scrap, I did find a gold band that a friend had given me when he went out of business about 12 years ago. Did you know that if you smack the crap out of a size 5 gold band with a chasing hammer, you can bring it down to a size 9 with a bit of work?! By beating it so hard, I cracked off the solder and concentrating on the heavier area where the bezels where, I was able to move some major metal. I then made one big spike type rivet out of 16g sterling and used that to hold everything together. I did have to chemically bond the pearl since a 16g piece of wire isn't going into a pearl without a lot of trouble.
I had a lot of fun making this ring. I love when the light shines through the resin and makes the gold glow! I must have smacked the gold band a bit too much because it is a bit too big and sways back and forth on my finger, although, that could also be because it is top heavy!!
And as a last comment...wait until you see what I did with my other epoxy bits....I guess you will have to come back next week to see! I will be hanging out with my friends down in Va for a couple of days....playing in a couple of different studios...making some bronze clay sheets, some felted silk bits....maybe some silk paper for some future rings....just thinking....trying to be open to all the possibilities! Hope you are being open too! Have fun and stay warm! Kelly

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