Friday, January 21, 2011

The latest experiment!

Hi everyone,
Well, I have had a very productive week!! Actually designed some rings for the RAW challenge and went down to the studio to make the one I choose, but couldn't find the etched silver I wanted to use. I had put them away for "safe-keeping". Of course I couldn't find them (3 lovely sheets with a lace pattern etched into them from 13 0r 14 years ago when I attended a class at Penland) and thought the necklace I had designed for them was too was the beginning of my metal experiments...I also found out that I wasn't crazy about soldering....which is probably why I love metal clay!
Anyway, I ended up cleaning the studio trying to find the sheets and ended up against the I looked around to see what I could do. I had just suggested to a friend about doing a epoxy ring with rivets but she wanted to use her own idea (although my idea got her started)...a couple of hours later, I called her and told her if she wasn't going to use my idea, I I did...with a few changes!
I have sheets of epoxy just lying around, so I chose the most flexible one and then I went looking for some cute little brass tube rivets that I have...and, guess what...couldn't find those either, but found these cute nuts and bolts that I have been saving for a project that would show them off...I think they are so cool! So I decided to use them. Since they are black, I looked through my stock for something to put between the two layers of epoxy for a bit of interest. I have these cool rub-ons that were small enough to use and of course,, I had to use them. They are in between the layers of epoxy so they won't get rubbed off. I then worked to put the nuts and bolts into the ring...which ended up being tricky since the epoxy wanted to heal almost as soon as I put the hole into it. It ended up being a race between how fast I could poke the bolt through before the hole closed up tight....I won! Three times! Actually one of the fastest rings I have ever made and I think it is pretty cool too! And is comfortable to wear, believe it or not!
So, I am going back to the studio to look for those etched sheets again to work on next weeks ring. Probably end up cleaning some more of the studio, which could be a problem, since I can never find anything afterwards...which is why I am still looking for those dam---d metal sheets! Oh, well, I will just plug in some great music and dance my way through it!! Have fun in your studio....hope you like my ring....Kelly


  1. VERY interesting piece!
    Heidi Jo

  2. Candy - I want Candy!
    It really looks like candy. It's a great thinking outside the box ring. Way to keep the rest on their toes...:)
    Nice talking to you today!
    Love you!