Tuesday, March 2, 2010

yes, I know....

   Ok, no comments about that last post of one line!  I said I was shattered, maybe now you will believe it!  I have been in learning mode since two Thursdays ago....12 days running.....I came home last night from the last day of class and slept until 3:30 today.....feeling a little better but I don't trust myself to handle big machinery or drive anywhere....yesterday I tried to go forward by putting the car in reverse!  Lucky I made it home!  
    I started out this crazy two weeks with Gordon's class in VA. and had a great time...then had a day off before starting in with the Synergy Conference....The seminars were fun and the hotel had great food and coffee (which was needed more and more as time went on) but the up and down was a bit much on us old ladies....yes, I am almost 49 and this week I felt at least 30 years older on some days....but there was sooooo much eye candy that it was worth it!  Some really beautiful polymer work. I got a small pendant bead from one of my good friends, Barbara McGuire...mokume gane and in pinks, reds, peach and 22kt gold....just beautiful.  I met a lot of new people and met some that are on my Facebook page that I didn't know before....I was lucky enough to be included in Cynthia Tinapple's slide show about new trends for polymer clay....mixed media section (and then I realized that I have also been in slide shows for lectures at SNAG and the PMC Conferences, and now the polymer conference, so maybe I am not doing as badly as I thought!)... mixed media indeed! Love it!  
   I also got to hang out with Gordon some more since he came up to the conference with Carol Hamilton and the Pirate...Debbie, as we call her! And Tonya Davidson from Whole Lotta Whimsy and Robert Dancik (we missed Mr. Tim McCrieght, god, I hope I spelled his name right!) hung out with us and all the meeting and smooshing and making new friends and new deals...my brain may explode if I think too much on this! I know I have forgotten someone! I also got inducted into the Tabernacle of Clay with a secret handshake. Although, on the last night of the conference, so did everyone else....and I did get a sneaky photo or two of Miss Libzoid! and my dear friend Melanie Muir from Scotland (she even gave me a credit in the British version of American Craft magazine...woo hoo!)  
   I was so tired that for the first day of Dan's class, I just took notes but brought all my stuff for the second day and Libby let me use her pasta machine (no, my Dream Machine didn't come in in time)...and played with some of the techniques that he taught. Can't show you all the photos, that would be naughty but when I get my silly pieces baked, I will show you what I made...right now, the pieces and the toaster oven are in the car, were they will stay until someone (Ed...), brings then back in.  
   And in the last, but not least division, I have been talking with Carol Hamilton about teaching a polymer class combined with metal clay in her studio at the Workhouse sometime this spring and for those of you who live or just want to go to Florida, I may be teaching there also...things are in the wind.  Also, my crazy piece for the Master's Muse (Whole Lotta Whimsy) should be up sometime in the beginning of March!  A step-by-step in don't do as I do, do as I say!  My dad used to always say that to us kids and now I have gone and made something of it....who knows what he will say of that???  Anyway, that is way more than enough for now...might be time for a nap and maybe some meatloaf and baked potatoes for dinner, yum!  Have fun, Kelly  well, here we are being let in by the fancy doorman and then, there is Miss Libby and Gordon, doing what we all should be doing, taking a small nap! So, goodnight, sweet reader!


  1. I love the picture of Paul, the lovely door man...he was fun

  2. Ok, you got me back! It was great to see you. And I added your blog to my links list.

  3. OK you must be up by now. Thanks for posting that charming (ha) photo of me. Let's talk this afternoon.