Friday, March 12, 2010

Master's Muse....

Hi everyone,
     I wonder if anyone saw my bead on Tonya Davidson's website?  I would have posted the photo that Drew took of it, but I don't know how to get it off her website, so, you will have to go and see it there. I think it ended up being a funny little bead!  I hadn't worked in metal clay for a while and forgot to allow for the shrinkage, so during firing, I had the movable object hitting the movable wall and everything moved!  That was on top of having my one saw blade break while sawing out the numbers for the piece! So I only had the number 5 to work with.....thought I would make it into a piece I could wear next year when I turn 50....too bad I will turn 50 this year!  My ex-brother-in-law was nice enough to point out that I was a year behind!  Thanks, Joey!  Guess what he's not getting for his birthday!  I think I saved the bead with my surprise patina.....well, I like it anyway! Let me know what you think!
     On a sad note, one of my fellow muses mother passed away, so if you get a chance, please drop a note to our Vicki Hallmark to help her through. 
     Remember that I told you that I was going to down to Carol Hamilton's studio to experiment with some polymer products and see if they could be adapted to be used with metal clay? Well, I did and we had a great time....the other inmates and I (since her studio is in the old prison, that's what we are calling ourselves!) had a great time! The head cell block leader, Debbie, told us a lot of stories and a one point, I gave myself a headache, laughing so hard! Can you imagine if we had added wine or chocolate?  You would be now visiting us in the hospital! Anyway, I can't show you what we made until we get the ok from Jeanette since it is for the magazine, Metalclay....I think it is going to be in issue four...we were too late for this next issue!  I will say that I had fun with Maureen Carlson's and Melanie West's supplies. I think they will like what I made with them. I got to go to the local group meeting and had a good time there...missed all the traffic for the way home. I am glad I don't like Mexican food, since they had dinner there before the meeting and quite a few of the girls got food poisoning! I think the only thing that saved me was the fact that I am picky! I had chicken fajitas with only the tomatoes and the chicken.....whew! I think I am eating at the Chinese place down the road next time, just to be safe!  
   So, now I am home and wanting to play with polymer and metal clay, fingers are itching!  I will take some new photos over the weekend and let you see....have a fun time in your own studios!  Take care, Kelly        I thought I would show you the kinds of bead/pendants we will be making in the class we will have at Carol Hamilton's studio....I will let you know when the date is set in stone....hope to see you there.  The first piece is "The Hairstylist", the second one is "Robin's Secret Garden" and last is "Pan's Playground".  Hope you like them. Kelly


  1. Chinese it is!!!
    Thank Goodness this inmate didn't have to go to the infirmary - in a prison no less! Been there done that - not fun!
    Geez - let me qualify that for those who don't know me - I was never incarcerated - I cooked for the incarcerated. Is that better? ;)
    Miko and the Moth says "Hi"!
    And the best for last...
    The beads are lovely!

  2. These are just beautiful, Kelly! I especially like that second one, because the dimension you got in the image of the bird is such that it really looks like a bird is peeking out of the hole. Delightful!

  3. Hi Diana,
    The little bird is a molded polymer piece....that could be why it looks so dimensional, although it is hard to tell in the photo. Thanks for the note.....

    Hi Terresa....glad you like the beads...say hi to all parties....Kelly

  4. Do you teach these? They are the most awesomely beautiful pieces I have EVER seen. You are THE BOMB!

  5. Hi Kay,
    Yes, I will be teaching how to make the metal clay frames and then you can put whatever you like in the openings....I will be teaching this at Carol Hamilton's studio sometime soon....we have not yet set a date. I will post the date here, so keep reading! Thanks for writing, Kelly

  6. Kelly,
    You know how much I adore and drool over your work... I think these pieces are so beautiful and really show the strength and talent of your work. They are exquisite!!!
    You are the queen of clays for sure!

  7. Kelly,

    Your pieces are just great! Thank you for sharing them. I have already contacted Carol and asked that she sign me up for the class. Take care!