Monday, March 8, 2010

Time to check in....

Hi everyone,
    Well, I have finally recovered from all the craziness of the last couple of weeks....I had a great time and now all I want to do is play with some new if I didn't have enough to be going on with already!  I am trying to settle down to one or two main projects and the other bits will just have to happen when I get some time. I talked with the editors of Art Jewelry this past week and may have three step-by-step articles to write for them...two rings and a brooch with polymer and metal clay....I am still working on my own step-by-steps for myself and am looking into setting up a sale page or getting an Etsy site.  Any advice would be welcome!  
     Tomorrow, I am going back to VA. to play at Carol Hamilton's studio, at The Workhouse (it used to be an old prison, nuff said...) and we are going to try out some of the goodies she got at Synergy to see if they work well with metal clay.  It is going to be a long day! (while I was writing this, my trip just got extended to two days! I will be hanging out with Terresa and the Moth! Yeah! Always fun!) Debbie (my pirate girl) and Terresa are joining us!  We are in trouble if any wine shows up!  
     Well, have to get to work, since tomorrow is for playing....hope everyone is having fun in their own studios (I am tempted to go and sit outside, since it is so nice out) and I will talk with you later this week and show you some photos of what we are playing with tomorrow.....have fun til then...Kelly
     Comments for the photos...The first is our lovely Christi Friesen, being her playful is the lovely Melaine Muir from Scotland (her work was written up today on Polymer Clay Daily....go see!) and last is the brooch idea I will be writing a version of for the step-by-step for Art Jewelry, which now belongs to Carol Hamilton and was commented on by Wendy Rosen.  Thought is was beautiful....I must say, I agree!  The bottom corner is bronze clay! Enjoy!


  1. Holy Cow Kelly!!! You've been running about like a mad woman since I talked to you last - any time to breathe???

    Love the posts and pics! It's been weeks since I've visited blog land... time to do some catching up. When can we get a date for lunch on the books?

    Talk soon...

  2. Kelly,

    I just read the blog about your Steampunk bead using PMC and watch parts. I love working with brass and BronzClay. Since the firing is different for BronzClay, would the same approach work? That is, inserting brass pieces on top of the BronzClay and inside the piece? Perhaps it would create an even more distressed look? I also like to create pieces that appear to have been dug up out of the ground.

    Virginia Vivier
    FaceBook - Virginia Vivier

  3. Hi Marsha, give me a call when both the kids are down and you can talk...we will make a date....would love to see you all...K

    Hi Virginia, Thanks for the compliment. I don't know how the bronze would work or if the brass parts would be able to take all that extra time in the kiln. I think you are going to have to try it and let me know....have fun, Kelly

  4. Love that Brooch! The picture doesn't do it justice!
    When Carol was wearing it last night - I kept looking at it - it has great movement through out the piece, which holds my eye. Carol's a lucky girl to have such a "Pretty" to wear.
    Can't wait for the class!

  5. Nice to see Christi hasn't