Thursday, July 23, 2009

Playing and working....

Hi everyone, 
   Well, it is a two prong attack day....finally got my husband to get the ugly, huge computer desk out of the room that is going to be the new "library".  The room now looks huge and empty. I have to paint the walls, a pretty coral rose and then after they walls dry, I need to move two big bookcases into the corner. I am way excited to be able to get going on this...I have books all over the floors of my house in stacks and I want them up and accessible!  While the paint is drying, I am going to work on my assignment from the workshop....I made the sides of my bead yesterday. Now I have to sand down the edges and paste them together.....six sides...aught to be interesting! I etched the six pieces and then dried them over a wine bottle stopper! Now I want to make all sorts of combos of pods with metal, mica and polymer clay....glad I just got some more clay!!  Today, I am showing you some pods of the past....the centers are polymer clay and pearls. The great looking photo was done by Robert Diamante and the other was taken by me...think I will stick to making beads!! Have a great day, Kelly


  1. I love these. They are something trippy to look at!


  2. those pods are amazing! congratulations on being on polymer clay daily!

  3. These textures are just great and your warm colors bring a nice aged organic feel to these pieces. I hope you do more of them!