Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where have I been????

Hi everyone,
   I didn't realize how long it has been since I last wrote a post....sorry about that!  I went to Pa. with Carol Hamilton, Debbie and Terresa to make up the bracelets for "Charms for Charity" at Holly Gage's house. Carol has gotten a new RV so she and Debbie can travel around and teach classes, so we were the trail run! She and the girls drove up to Baltimore and picked me up and then we drove up to Pa. (4 hours) for bracelet making and dinner!  Carol got us all traveling sunglasses that she made us wear when we rang the bell at Holly's! Too funny!  We had a fun time. We got to meet Holly's daughter, Megan and her son Ryan, and some of us had already met Chris.  Chris was cooking a great pork and tomato sauce to go over the pasta and it smelled (and tasted!) great! Then it was done to business....Carol started passing out charms and paper for the names of the artists who sent in their charms, and we all set to working....and talking, and laughing. There were some grapes and white....then Holly called in a substitute and then sat back and watched. We made about 25 to 30 bracelets...I will be taking photos. I am also in charge of making up the display for the conference for them. Have to get some fat black foam core to hang them on....want them to look stunning!  I was amazed at the variety and quality of the charms! Really nice!  
    Then I had a private class with my friend, Darlene,....all polymer and resin!  Did some fun designs with Robert Dancik's Faux Bone ring blanks.  We also played with some special techniques in polymer. I have talked about polymer for years to Darlene while we have shared booths at bead she knows why I like it so much! She said her brain is still swimming with all the possibilities. She was in the studio for 10 hours...and we didn't get half done!  Her resin piece came out great, considering that she kept sticking her finger in the resin to "check and see if it was done?"  I finally had to make her step away from the resin!  
     It was the first time I had been in the studio with "new eyes" and I realized how much I needed to clean it that is what I have been doing since then...and, boy, does it feel good!  I was smart this time and I bought storage boxes that are clear so I can see were I will have hid everything. I normally hate cleaning since I can't find what I have put away! Now, I will be able to find most everything! Yeah! Labels are going on everything else.... 5 tables clean and 4 to go....Morgan has been helping and keeping me company, last night we went down to the studio at 11:30 and then came back up around 2:00....not a bad night's work....
    So, there is your update....I am going back down to the studio to do a couple of tables and then I have to start working on my presentation pieces for the conference. Barbara is probably done with hers....maybe I will wait and work on mine on the drive out to Perdue....don't want to do anything to soon!  (That's a joke, Barbara!)  I hope everyone is having a good time in their studios and keeping cool....Kelly

The photos....the first one is one of the pieces for the Conference presentation and the second is the girls and I.....with our funny sunglasses....mine are chili peppers, Terresa's are "princess" glasses (bling included!), Carol's have a purple flocked cheetah pattern, and Debbie's are cactus, since she wants to move to the wild, wild, west! I have a feeling Carol will make us wear them all the way to Perdue!  Lots of fun travel with the "girls".....see some of you soon, K


  1. Too Funny! Have not spoke to you in ages!

  2. I did see the loft you bought the girls....must be nice to be a spoiled cat!! maybe in my next life! hope you are doing ok....will call you this weekend..will you be home? talk to you then, k

  3. I am...writing a comment!! Happy? I had to sign up for a blog and come up with a password. It really was a lot of work! Ooof--that was a long note! I had to take a break in the middle and have a nap. Will there be a test later?

  4. yes, there will be a you think you will pass? I may have to give you a gold star for finishing.....