Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Hi everyone,
   Well, it has been a stressful time since I was last here....a friend of mine passed away and he was only 63!  That is younger than my dad! And then I found out a couple of my friends from high school passed away and granted, I haven't talked to any of them since high school, but you know.  It is hard to believe that they have passed on and they were into sports and all that, big strong guys. Hard to believe! 
   But, spring has sprung and it is just beautiful once again!  I must say that I love my digital camera...this is the first spring that I can take photos in focus...which makes it easier for everyone to see! I hope you like them!
   I also want to tell you that my friend, Kim Otterbein (I hope I have the i and the e in the right place!), has written a book on polymer clay. Knowing Kim, it is an excellent book and will cover all the basics....I have already ordered one.  In the book department, Kate McKinnon wrote to ask for my info for a piece of mine that she got several years ago and she wants to put in a book that she is working on....I am still working on my step-by-steps and am excited about my new Master's Muses project, resin and silver, that's all I will say! 
   And last, but not least, speaking of the Masters Muse project takes us around to Whole Lotta Whimsy...Sharon, who is mother and partner to Tonya, is very ill and if you get a chance to send a note, I am sure they will appreciate it! I know it is a very difficult time for them all.  And for those in the lampworking arena, please send your condolences to Bev McCarthy of MacArts. Mike passed away two weeks ago. My love goes out to all of my friends in their time of has been a hard time for a lot of my friends this year. I wish them all the best!
   On an more upbeat note, I got to have dinner with my good friend, Nikki Thornburg, she makes great lampworked frog beads and other assorted lovelies! She lives in NC but was finishing a show in Delaware so we met at the top of Baltimore for dinner! Great food and a lot of laughs!  I am looking forward to seeing her at Bead and Button for dinner once again!  Can't laugh too much, can you?? Well, time to go...I hope you all have a nice holiday weekend, Kelly
   the first photo is of the weeping cherry tree next door and the daffodil is also from there...the lovely magnolia is the tree down the street, there must be 1000 flowers on the tree! Incredible!  


  1. Kelly thanks for update and especially for the information sad as it about Bev.I hope you con tinue with this whirlwind of creativity and it seems you are getting to another whole level in your medium.Joan T

  2. Thanks Joan, hope you and Lana are doing well...k